Participant Registration:

Pre-registered Participants:

  • Parents/Legal Guardians must be present to register any and all participants.
  • With consent of both sets of Parents/Legal Guardians, one set of adults will sign up both members of the team (teams can be related, or friends).
  • Parents/Legal Guardians must register both members of the participating team at the same time under the same team name, providing valid email addresses for each participants confirmation email and certificate.
  • A Confirmation will be sent to the email addresses provided for each of the designated parent/guardian of the participants.
    • Within the confirmation email, there will be a link to the competition waiver in which the parent/guardian must complete for each participant.
  • The waiver MUST be signed, printed and presented onsite upon check in at the registration counter.
  • Participants will not be able to participate if they do not complete a waiver. If a parent is chaperoning a child other than their own, they will need to have the waiver completed and signed in advance. We cannot accept verbal permission over a phone.

Age requirements

  • In order for a ninja team score to qualify for the finale, both ninja must be within the ages of 7-12.
  • Ninja under the age of 7 are able to go through the course but their score will not count towards the Finale.
  • If a ninja team is granted a trip to the Finale, Parents/Legal Guardians must be able prove age of each ninja on the team.

Qualifying Scores

  • If a ninja completes the challenge course more than once, only the ninja’s first score will count towards qualifying towards the Finale.

The Challenge Course

  • There will be four quadrants of challenges in the Quest2NINJAGO course, each quadrant will contain one physical and one mental obstacle for participants to complete for a total of eight obstacles.
  • Each quadrant will contain a WU-CRU team member that will be monitoring the team as they approach the challenge. They will assist with challenge questions and will be timing how long it takes each team to complete each of the obstacles.

How You Win

  • When each completes the course, a WU-CRU team member will collect the time spent at each of the obstacles, and add up all eight time stamps for a total overall time of completion.
  • The team with the lowest overall time to complete the course will be selected as the city representative winner.
  • The team name and scores will be posted to the event highlights section of this website, and the winners will be contacted directly about the Finale.

What You Win

  • The top team from each city will be sent on an all-expenses paid trip to LEGOLAND® California Resort to compete in the Finale event.
  • The Finale will be a one day competition at LEGOLAND.